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Mini Statement


Why Choose Us?

The bank mini statement and bank statement are very important for banking processes like bank loans, banking fraud, and other banking processes some banks take charge of the bank statement. The bank statement or bank mini statement API is one of the most APIs to get the bank statement, you can integrate this API in your portal and provide a bank statement to your customer.Recharge2earn provides its customers with the mini statement facility using which they can check recent transactions (debit and credit both).

At present, it is essential for us to have constant updates about our bank accounts. For this, all banks are providing mini statement facilities to their customer. The mini statement provides the details of all the transactions done in your bank accounts. In rural areas, some people are still not aware of net banking and ATM services. People need to visit the bank branch and wait for long hours to get the mini statement of their bank account. And sometimes they even need to invest an immense amount for getting the mini statement.

Recharge2earn is a leading All Bank Mini Statement API provider in India allowing you to offer the mini statement facilities to your customers for all bank accounts. The customer only needs an Aadhaar Card associated with the bank account and he/she can easily get the details of all the transactions. Increase your brand awareness and earn more profit with our API by providing best in class services to your customers. Our team of experienced and well-qualified professionals will easily integrate our API on your portal. Our APIs are built with expertise and duly checked by our experts.

What are the transactions supported by AEPS?

  • Balance Enquiry.
  • Cash Withdrawal.
  • Cash Deposit.
  • Fund Transfer.
  • Aadhaar to Aadhaar Fund Transfer.
  • eKYC – Best Finger Detection/IRIS Detection.

Requirements for AEPS transactions?

  • Aadhaar Number.
  • Bio-metrics -Fingerprint.
  • Name or Bank IIN or Issuer Identification Number.
  • Micro ATM.
  • Assisted mode.

Benefits of AEPS?

  • Using AEPS, bank account holders will be in a position to access their accounts in banks through Aadhaar authentication.
  • With AEPS digital India payments, the only prerequisite needed for initiation of a transaction is Aadhaar number and the respective biometric information.
  • Very easy usage.
  • Completely safe and protected method of payment.
  • Interoperable across many banks.
  • AEPS eases the payments of many Government schemes like Social Security pension, NREGA Handicapped Old Age Pension, etc. of Central Government or State Government bodies by way of Aadhaar authentication.

Why partner with us ?

  • Recharge 2 Earn AEPS is a platform to provide unbiased access to opportunities.
  • We provide the best technological know-how to promote entrepreneurship.
  • We help develop a recurring earning potential.
  • We enable people to become self reliant even with minimal skill set.
  • We help maintain of work/home balance.
  • We offer a zero stress work environment.
  • We help you become your own Boss.

What sets us apart?

  • Immediate on boarding
  • Quick service delivery
  • All device compatibility
  • Web & Mobile App based service transactions
  • Real time commission payout
  • Our tailor-made business plans
  • Our urban & rural existence

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