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Aadhar Verifications

Why Aadhaar for Authentication

Aadhaar, the unique identification document for Indians, has been in the highlights since the time the government was attempting to link it with almost everything. This has raised questions regarding the privacy and security of individuals. The Supreme Court resolved this concern by asking UIDAI to introduce offline Aadhaar data verification, where biometrics and 12-digit unique Aadhaar number will not be needed. Under this service, Aadhaar cardholder will have to share an XML document generated from the UIDAI resident portal. This document will contain the name and address of the individual and any of these optional data- Gender, DOB, Photo, Mobile number and E-mail address.

The Aadhaar card is a one-time issued number and is valid for your lifetime. You need to be an Indian citizen and you can effortlessly get yourself an Aadhaar Card. Applying for the Aadhaar is free and smooth and having the card in your name can make you get several benefits from the card like it can be used as a proof of identity for opening a bank account, as an address proof, you can avail subsidies by having the card and many more. Also, its distinctiveness helps to destroy duplicates and fake identities, thereby helping the government to have a transparent and clean system of distribution of service. Aadhaar platform comes with its inherent features of individuality, authentication, important financial data, and e-KYC. Here we will talk more about e-KYC and understand what it is all about. Let us see what e-KYC is.

Aadhaar Authentication is a procedure by which your Aadhaar with the demographic and biometric statistics is stored into the CIDR -Central Identities Data Repository for its authentication and such storehouse authenticates the accurateness of the data or whether the data is inadequate based on the available data on it. The purpose of this authentication is to empower you as a resident to provide your identity for several service providers to supply their services and provide access to the benefits.

Aadhaar Authentication is intended to give an online platform of identity to authenticate your identity anytime and at any place. Online e-KYC is an immediate authentic verification, thereby speeding up the entire process of KYC. Also being online helps to reduce the cost that is connected with paper-based verification.

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